Treatment Plans

Major Projects:

  • Start-up, Entry or Expansion into the US market with the HR expertise to ensure strategic planning of structure, support systems, staffing which are legally compliant and enable on-time project deliverables.
  • Merger or Acquisition requiring a quality HR due diligence, onboarding and assimilation to:
    • Identify employment law risks, close variances in policies and procedures,
    • Resolve staffing level overlaps to retain qualified staff while minimizing operational challenges and legal risks,
    • Plan payroll, benefits, worker file transitions,
    • Communicate with, transition and assimilate acquired workers into the company and culture to support staff retention, morale and productivity.
  • Restructuring, Reduction In Force or complete Business Shut-down minimizing the impact on ongoing operations, treating workers with respect & dignity and mitigating legal risks.
  • Culture & Change Management due to major changes in leadership, company focus, implementation of major programs, processes or initiatives, business unit integration or alignment, etc.
    • Ensuring HR strategies, policies and cultural support are current and cohesively aligned to ensure hiring, retention and motivation of qualified, capable workers in the right jobs, performing to support the attainment of business goals.
  • Human Resources Strategy: Designing and aligning HR policies and programs to support an organization’s strategic agenda and desired culture by conducting needs and gap assessments, evaluating program efficiencies and ROI, understanding operations and business cycles in designing , aligning and integrating all HR policies and programs to support operational goals and KPI’s including organizational structure, staffing model design, Talent Acquisition and Retention, Total Rewards (Compensation & Benefits), Performance Management, HRIS, Employee Relations, etc.
  • HR Service Delivery. Improve performance of HR processes and service deliverables to internal clients by defining relevant metrics and benchmarks, and establishing visions, strategies, roadmaps and timetables for incorporation into departmental and staff goals, training and performance management system ensuring a high performing team responsive to the organizational needs.
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion. Recognizing that diversity within workforce and procurement programs are a business sustainability imperative we implement results-focused strategies for recruitment, retention, training, development, mentorship and succession planning.
    • Developing processes and staff to fill open position with quality placements in a timely manner.
    • From job design to developing a true talent strategy, employer branding, talent pipelines and marketing programs.
    • Selecting and measuring recruitment venues for results to support in-house, high ROI staffing strategy.
    • Customized SMART screening and selection process and tools using behavior and interactive situation or business case based scenarios.
    • Design of on-boarding process supportive of rapid assimilation, career growth ladder and accompanying development/mentorship programs.

Legal Compliance & Employee Relations:

  • Employment Legal Compliance audits, identification and correction of cultural gaps operating counter to policy and stated values. Undercover HR analysis available.
  • Investigations, mediation and resolution of ER complaints such as discrimination, sexual harassment, etc. internally.
  • Effectively mitigate and manage unemployment claims, workers compensation claims, EEOC claims and employment related lawsuits, FMLA and ADA processes.
  • Union Prevention includes analysis to identify policy and practices which create an environment and increased risk exposure to unionization efforts and implement risk mitigation strategies prior to a union drive.
  • Training and Development. Comprehensive training programs for Human Resource and management personnel including Executive & Leadership Coaching & Development, employment law legal compliance, staff supervision and management, performance management, conflict resolution, employee relations, recruitment, diversity & inclusion, managing change, full HR processes training, customer service/client relations, customized job specific training.



  1. Temperature Check & Triage: HR Program and Cultural Analysis to identify legal compliance, culture or talent gaps which causes symptoms such as high turnover, high absences, high workers compensation claims, low productivity, poor employee relations, increased risk of legal issues, etc.
  2. Diagnosis, Prescription and Surgery (as applicable): Assessment and Corrective Action Plans to deal with the symptoms while implementing applicable policies, training and or processes to address the root causes and prevent recurrence.
  3. Transition & Checkups: Transition of knowledge and processes to staff to own and maintain with access to expertise when needed with a staggered check-ups to support consistent operations with adjustments as needed.